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Disney / Marvel

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Hello Kitty Parfums

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty ClassiqueHello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty, the famous brand, generated a product line at Koto Parfums offering several very creative concepts and thus very distinctive such as Hello Kitty Party, Pop a licious or even boxes mixing fragrances, accessories, bags and scarves not forgetting the model collection.

Kimmi Fragrance

Kimmi Fragrance

Kimmi Fragrance, coming from the universe of Japanese dolls famous worldwide with an exclusive and unique design, includes several fragrances each one being produced in a limited collection.

Kimmi Fragrance comes in a variety of product lines such as Kimmi bains, Kimmi Make up and the KIMMI Mini collection gathering together fragrances in 5 ml mini versions.

Ange Lapin de Trousselier

Ange Lapin 50mlAnge Lapin 100mlAnge Lapin chaussonsAnge Lapin peluche

Ange Lapin of the TROUSSELIER collection, a high-end specialist in the children universe has enabled KOTO Parfums to launch a real alcohol free eau de senteur specially intended for baby skin, completed with theme boxes (with slippers or a soft toy)

Playmobil Super 4

Playmobil Super 4 by koto parfumsPlaymobil Super 4 by koto parfums

KOTO Parfums presents for the launch of its new range, two fragrances for boys based on the personality of two characters of the TV series “Playmobil Super 4” : Alex and Gene.

Alex and Gene fragrances are an invitation to adventure and imagination: an absolute immersion in the iconic world of  SUPER 4.

Barbie "The Iconic Fragrances"

Plus qu’une fashionista, Barbie est une véritable icône de mode. Un personnage indémodable, qui permet aux petites filles d’imaginer à l’infini. Aujourd’hui, Barbie s’inscrit dans son époque, et se décline en 3 fragrances inédites pour incarner une diversité de rêves et de personnalités. Qu’elle soit tendre, sportive ou à la pointe de la mode, chaque petite fille a désormais son parfum Barbie !