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Our business

Notre activité - Koto Parfums

Creation, development and commercialization of fragrance lines and cosmetics for children and juniors developed either as own brands or as a license model signed with the major brands targeting youth.

"It all starts with a story we want to tell. I describe an atmosphere, an imaginary world in which a child joins the character, projects himself and dreams. Our words are then interpreted with fragrance notes."

Nathalie Gourbeyre Koto Parfums
Nathalie Gourbeyre
Founder of Koto Parfums.

Our values

Nos valeurs - Koto Parfums

Creation, design and innovation.
Our bias is to always fine-tune creative products at the fragrance level as well as those of ingredients, matters, shapes and volumes. This demand is also shared in terms of communication in France as well as internationally. This vision is one of our main reasons for existence.

"Creativity: one of our major reasons for existence."

Quality and search of excellence

Qualité et recherche d'excellence - Koto Parfums

We consider that our developments and products which are positioned on high quality and/or luxury markets cannot accept any flaw. This is why within our teams and partnerships we aim at developing the best skills to bring our customers the best possible product.

"Our constant commitment: bring our customers the best possible product"

Culture and Safety

Culture et sécurité - Koto Parfums
We act to develop the senses of juniors and educate them respecting their body and skin. We look at doing this complying with the stringent regulations of our industry. Our whole production is submitted to essential testing in order to bring children and babies products which are 100% safe and reliable.